March 14: No Cameras Allowed (#14)

Writing about a new documentary every day (or writing about anything every day, really) is a great way to make a month breeze by quickly. I'm almost half done with #DocuMarch already and this blog has almost 2 unique viewers a day! (just kidding, I've never bothered to actually check analytics, but I'm probably close with my estimate). But it's March 14th already... and that's crazy.

Day #14 is another Saturday and that leaves me with the age old question of "Should I go get drunk and talk to strangers, or should I actually write about another film today even though nobody will read it?" Well, here I am so I guess you see what I picked. 

Thankfully - No Cameras Allowed fell into my lap this morning since I caught it just as it started on Palladia TV! 


The caption on the movie poster is the most accurate way to describe what No Cameras Allowed was about, but here's a little more: It's the story of a broke college kid named Marcus who wants to attend all of the large music festivals to film/photograph his experience... but he has no way of paying for a ticket. 

So he sneaks in. To all of the festivals. 

No Cameras Allowed is an intimate, honest, behind the scenes look at world-renowned artists from the perspective of someone who was never really invited, but was always asked to stay.


If the story of Marcus Haney sounds fishy... it's probably because you noticed the MTV logo on the poster and were immediately feeling that same sneaking suspicion that we've grown accustomed to with everything from MTV. Some critics speculate that the entire movie was staged, scripted by producers to seem 'hip' and 'relatable' about broke kids who find a way to attend these festivals... but I'm not so convinced (I did, however, think my buddy Ben from The Buried Life might be involved in some way).  I have a lot of scumbag friends who sneak into everything that costs money, so sure - it's not a new concept, but I believed this was particular story is actually true. 

The movie isn't just about music festivals, but also largely about his personal life when it pertains to juggling "life on the road" and what it's like to leave his friends, a lovely girlfriend (who seems extremely cool about the whole thing, honestly) back home while simultaneously admitting to his parents that he won't graduate college because of this silly dream he's following. But what kid hasn't wished this type of thing would happen to them? Become homies with cool indie bands, spend very little money and get to tour the country while filming the experience? 

Ok, maybe it does sound scripted but I don't care. No Cameras Allowed was a really fun thing to watch this morning, so hopefully you'll like it, too. 


College kid gets addicted to sneaking into music festivals, becomes semi-famous from the photos/videos, then takes his friends on the road so they can see what it's like. 

3 of 5 Stars!