March 26: I Escaped a Cult (#26)

What could possibly make this beautifully sunny day in Seattle better than it already is? A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SCARY CULTS, THAT'S WHAT!

Day 26 of #DocuMarch brings us down to a dark, weird, and insanely scary layer of how-far-some-people-are-willing-to-go-to-control-people onion with the 44 minute nightmare: I Escaped A Cult.

Journey into the dark world of cults where mind control, deception, fear and intimidation are used to control members. These survivors may now be physically safe from their tormenters, but the psychological damage will be much harder to escape from.

Shines a light into the elitist, the extremist, the cultish “shut in” mindset. If you wish to understand why people just don’t up and leave cults, these stories will help you understand.
— Maura Schmierer (


I Escaped A Cult was certainly a lower-budget doc (unlike Jesus Camp or For the Bible Tells Me So), but that's sort of why I picked it. The NatGeo channel does some pretty compelling stuff, but it's often overlooked for the similarly-marketed Vice or PBS docs despite sometimes doing a better job of telling the story. 

I Escaped A Cult isn't fantastically done, but it does a really fascinating job of portraying exactly how/why these people enter the cult to begin with - and explain how difficult/scary it is for them to ever leave it. You'll wrestle with yourself thinking that these people are just weak-minded & brainless those people are, but that's probably because you weren't indoctrinated with someone else's beliefs since birth. These people don't know any different, and that's a devastatingly scary thing to imagine.


Survivors of a polygamist breakaway Mormon sect and a fundamentalist Christian community discuss their experiences under the control of cult leaders.

3 of 5 Stars!