March 22: The Queen of Versailles (#22)

Finally! A documentary that wasn't so heavy & draining to watch! And with a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, I was actually looking forward to watching The Queen of Versailles tonight before bed. 

Day 22 of #DocuMarch might not be the most endearing subject matter, but The Queen of Versailles was a welcome change in emotional content. 

A few years ago, things weren't going so well for billionaire couple Jacqueline and David Siegel. In fact, things had gotten SO hard for them that they were forced to put the construction of their 90,000-square-foot palatial home in Orlando, Florida (the biggest in the U.S.) on hold after the recession put a pinch on their finances. 

The rooms themselves are very large. Just our grand room is probably four stories tall. It’s pretty amazing. It’s not really a house; it’s more like a palace. That’s kind of embarrassing to talk about it like that, but it really is incredible. But we have bowling alleys, two movie theaters — one for the adults and one for the children. … Maybe we will do some private screenings in our theaters for the film festivals.”
— Jacqueline Siegel.


This might be the best/worst documentary of all time, but for what The Queen of Versailles lacks in humans with emotional density - it more than makes up for with pure insane extravagance. We've all seen mega-mansions, but rarely do we get to put a face (much less a personality) to the people who live in the home. And if I'm being honest, I hated these people. The Queen of Versailles is incredible in many ways, but was also a phenomenal reminder to live a 'comfortably humble' life because seriously... a 90,000 sq ft mansion? You're a d*ck.

There are several "WTF" worthy moments in this doc, but one in particular stands out. 

After the market crashes & they're in serious financial trouble... she continues to go on shopping sprees & buy crap that she has no intentions to use only to donate half of it to charity. I don't have a psych degree, but I'm willing to bet she's got some mental illness happening upstairs.


Rich guy loses millions when stock market crashes, wife is a horrific b*tch who doesn't stop spending money. 

4 of 5 Stars!