March 30: The House of Steinbrenner -- 30 for 30 (#30)

Whoahhhhh... that's a lot of 30's. 

Considering I only have one day left of #DocuMarch and only one week until Mariner's Opening Day, I feel it's appropriate to finally talk about my #1 true love: baseball. 

Ironically, this specific 30 for 30 is about the only aspect of baseball that I really dislike... The New York Yankees and the Steinbrenner family. 

Love them or hate them, the Yankees remain the most glorified team in American sports history. "Led by the Babe, the Iron Horse, the Yankee Clipper and the Mick, they dominated baseball for more than four decades."

Then in 1973, a 42-year-old shipbuilder named George Steinbrenner, a man now as iconic to his tem as the pinstripes on its uniforms, headed a group that purchased the Yankees, and turned that investment into a billion-dollar business.

The New York Yankees are defined by George Steinbrenner’s enduring legacy, and this is the story of how a $10 million dollar investment changed the face of not only a storied franchise; but an entire sport.


Yankee stadium was once lovingly referred to as 'House that Ruth Built,' but that was before a 21st century man by the name of George "The Boss" Steinbrenner was inspired to build an impressive new stadium for his boys in pinstripes. I've always grown up hating George Steinbrenner, but only because I envied what he did for a city (and generation) of baseball fans: he introduced a culture of winning, at all costs. 

This 30 for 30 film not only made me hate him less (I'll never love the guy, c'mon), but it humanized the "boss" man that I knew almost nothing about. He wasn't just an owner, he was a dad, granddad, and father-figure to thousands of young men who ever got lucky enough to play in the 'House that Steinbrenner Built.' I never got to visit old Yankee stadium before it's destruction a few years ago, but this documentary gave me an emotional attachment to the truly sacred grounds of the sport I love more than anything else in the world. 

Sure, George was a jerk to a lot of people... but he was a winner. And that will never change.


The story of George Steinbrenner legacy as the enigmatic New York Yankees team owner.

4.5 of 5 Stars!