March 27: The Witmans (#27)

I decided that since it's a Friday & everybody's too busy to watch documentaries (read: I'm too busy & it's kinda sunny out) that I'd chose a really short doc today, so day 27 of #DocuMarch is the 15-minute short The Witmans

What does one do when their young son is murdered and their only other child is sentenced to life for the crime?  Meet Ron and Sue Witman, and see how this nightmare has become their reality.  In this 15 minute documentary, dive into the lives of the Witmans as they visit their son, Zack, in prison, and fight the never-ending battle to remain a family.

An emotional, touching documentary, The Witmans focuses on the people left in the wake of a terrible tragedy. In what seems too horrible to imagine...

Ron and Sue Witman’s oldest son was accused and convicted of murdering his brother.
— Ivan Kander,


If some of this sounds familiar, it's because it was an episode on The Serial podcast. It’s not a documentary about crime or the American justice system like some past #DocuMarch films (The Staircase, Into The Abyss, Death by Fire, etc), it’s a straightforward portrait of grieving family. To put it simply: it's absolutely heart-wrenching... but enlightening. And very human. 

Most of the time in true-crime docs, the story about the family is an after-thought, rarely touched on by the filmmakers like they're not important enough to discuss. I've always hated that, and The Witmans does the exact opposite of putting a face on the faceless; the parents who will never spend another day of their life not thinking about what happened to their kids. 


The story of two heart-broken parents (Ron and Sue Witman), fifteen years after their lives were turned upside down.

5 of 5 Stars!