Justin Barnes is a radio-host, baseball fan, and terrible musician based in Seattle, WA. Justin can currently be heard weekdays on "MOViN 92.5 -- Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station" (KQMV-fm) from 10am-2pm in Seattle, and broadcasting live from "The Party In The Pen" before every Saturday home Seattle Mariners game. 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a stunt-man. I broke more than 15 bones in the process of learning how far I could fall, jump, and flip on/off trees, bicycles, and dirt bikes. After too many summers spent in some form of cast, I settled for what my teachers hated the most: talking. As it turns out, having zero shame and very little pride can turn into a [radio] career, and hiding behind a a microphone made my parents less worried and my summers more enjoyable.

Age 0: Born April, 8 1987 in Libby, MT.

Age 4: Broke wrist trying to impress Ashley Sifkie at ASA Wood Elementary. She wasn't impressed.

Age 9: Started doing fake radio in my sisters bedroom. Got really upset at her for not taking it seriously.

Age 10: Made my first speech at school. heard applause. EGO BOOST.

Age 13: Puberty.

Age 16: Drove through McDonald's drive-thru in reverse, letting my drunk friends make their own orders & pickup. Eight years later; same idea becomes a radio-stunt (sober, of course). 

Age 17: Announced high-school basketball & volleyball as a bribe to my Principal for not suspending me for undisclosed reasons.

Age 17: First tattoo. 

Age 17: Gave up dream of becoming a stunt-man, accepted dream of bank-robber instead.

Age 18: Accept baseball scholarship to Shoreline Community College in Seattle.

Age 18: Red-shirt freshman.

Age 18: Made Seattle my permanent home.

Age 19: Job-shadow at 106.1 KISSfm for communications class. 

MOVIN 92.5

3650 132nd Ave SE #550
Bellevue, WA 98006
(866) 668-4692

Monday-Friday: 10am - 2pm
Saturday: 3pm - 9pm

Age 19: Started internship at 106.1 KISSfm.

Age 19: Got shot with paintballs, snapped mousetraps on my junk, and ate live goldfish on the 'Jackie & Bender Morning Show' because someone said it would be hilarious (don't search for this on YouTube).

Age 20: Hired to do afternoons on "The Funky Monkey" 104.9 (KFNK) in Seattle.

Age 21: Legally allowed to drink booze.

Age 21: First scooter purchased.

Age 22: Named The Stranger's "Drunk of the Week."

Age 22: First documented gray hair.

Age 22: Radio show reaches #2 in Seattle.

Age 23: KFNK flips to "GenX Radio."

Age 23: Unemployed. Grow moustache.

Age 23: Watch hundreds of hours of NetFlix documentaries.

Age 23: Hired to do nights on "MOViN 92.5" (KQMV). 

Age 24: Night-show reaches #1 in ratings.  

Age 24: Begin broadcasting live from Safeco Field on all Saturday home games.

Age 24: Begin hosting mornings @ KEZE "HOT 96.9, SPOKANE'S HOTTEST MUSIC!"

Age 25: Legally able to rent a car. 

Age 26: Desperately seeking house-boat. 

Age 26: Houseboat achieved. 

Age 27: Promoted to middays on MOViN 92.5.

Until next time, I will be continuing my quest to discover the world's yummiest pickle.